Our History

Stucco Italiano was established in the 90s by Maestro Giovanni Polistena, who has been an Italian stucco artisan for over 40 years. Indeed, his specialization is the production and application of lime-based products. He started his career at the young age of 22. At the time, his passion for Venetian plasters led him to knead lime according to traditional recipes, when no paint-shop was providing this service.

First, he started his business in the Region of Venice, the cradle of Italian craftsmanship and the center of Italian architecture. Soon later, he began working abroad, applying Marmorino Venetian plasters and teaching others the art of their application. Ultimately, he decided to combine his experience with that of his friends, artisans and producers of lime-based materials. Thus, from this synergy, Stucco Italiano was launched.

Today, Stucco Italiano is among the most renowned Stucco manufacturers and Venetian plaster suppliers in Italy.

Stucco Italiano - o nas in podjetju

We are Italian stucco manufacturers

We are decorative stucco manufacturers. In particular, we are a decorative paints and Venetian plaster supplier.

In fact, we produce and sell a constantly expanding line of lime-based plasters for decorative finishes. All our products sink their roots in the long-lasting Italian tradition of building surface finishes. Indeed, our products catalog ranges from natural Venetian plasters to ancient Travertino and Pastellone. In addition, we also manufacture and supply a line of acrylic-based paints with high decorative value. Finally, we supply application tools for Marmorino and decorative additives for our plasters and paints.

Stucco Italiano distinguishes itself among other Italian stucco manufacturers and Venetian plaster suppliers in virtue of the artisanship nature of its trade. Indeed, the members of our company concerned with the development and testing of the materials are plaster artisans themselves. This gives them deeper know-how on the quality of the materials, and a comprehensive understanding of the production cycle.

Our Mission