Italian Decorative Plastering Products

A constantly evolving line of decorative finishes

Italian Decorative Plasters and Paints

Among our Italian plastering products, you find a wide selection of Italian decorative plasters for walls, such as Venetian Plasters and Travertino. Besides, we provide also a line of high-end decorative paints. In particular, we offer solutions for exterior and interior surfaces, including Wall to Floor seamless plasters. Additionally, you can choose from a broad range of Italian natural plasters, eco-friendly stuccos that use only natural ingredients. Finally, all Stucco Italiano’s plastering products are Made in Italy certified.

Stucco dekorativne barve - marmorino


Ekološki stenski nanosi iz gipsa - Stucco Slovenija


Stucco mavčni tlaki - Pastellone


Stenski mavčni nanosi Stucco Slovenija - Supernova effect


Plastering Tools & Additives

Additionally to the Italian decorative plasters and paints, Stucco Italiano provides several additives for plasters. In particular, we have conceived our additives to facilitate the application of Italian decorative plasters, to add creative effects to the finishes, and to protect them from wear. Moreover, Stucco Italiano has designed special tools for the application of Venetian plasters and other Italian natural plasters. Finally, it has created a simple yet comprehensive Color System to be used by beginners and professionals alike. Our Color system can be used with all our Italian plastering products, both paints and stuccos.

Colour Brochure

Check our colour brochure in the link bellow.